Scotch whisky

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Scotch whisky

A whiskey distilled in Scotland from malted barley.

Scotch′ whis′ky

whiskey distilled in Scotland, esp. from malted barley in a pot still.
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Noun1.Scotch whisky - whiskey distilled in ScotlandScotch whisky - whiskey distilled in Scotland; especially whiskey made from malted barley in a pot still
whiskey, whisky - a liquor made from fermented mash of grain
Drambuie - a sweet Scotch whisky liqueur
Rob Roy - a manhattan cocktail made with Scotch whiskey
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"We looked at the Scottish malt whisky industry as a "source of raw material.
Its bar staff proudly talked us through its vast collection of Scottish malt whisky and local ales.
While English tea sold at Heathrow is popular with Chinese passengers, Turkish and Japanese passengers are the key buyers of Scottish Malt Whisky, and Middle Eastern passengers are the biggest customers for sealed Scottish salmon.
"The Scottish malt whisky industry is a ripe resource for developing biobutanol," Prof Martin Tangney, founder of Celtic Renewables and director of Napier University's Biofuel Research Centre, said.

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