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Noun1.Scottish reel - a lively dance of Scottish HighlandersScottish reel - a lively dance of Scottish Highlanders; marked by circular moves and gliding steps
highland fling - a vigorous Scottish reel
square dance, square dancing - American country dancing in which couples form squares
eightsome - a Scottish reel for eight dancers
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She and the band provided energy aplenty in the stamping heavily accented "Turkish" finale of No.5 - and in the Scottish reel that provided a delightful encore.
"It doesn't matter what age they are - as long as you can find a peak!" laughed the master of Newmarket's Freemason Lodge Stable, who captured the one-mile test for older horses for the first time in 1986 with Scottish Reel.
On the other hand, nothing very seductive about a hairy Highlander caught in his kilt halfway through a Scottish reel or maybe some other Hibernian hopscotch.
A Scottish reel gig in a little whisky pub last week in Glasgow.
Beginning with a breaKnecK Scottish reel - brilliantly executed by the trombones, of all people - it humorously worKed in themes from TchaiKovsKy and Mozart (the piano concerto movement now Known, because of its cinematic association as the theme to "Elvira Madigan).
He remembers his father, Melvin, asking Rachael to show the family a Scottish reel.
Flett, 'The History of the Scottish Reel as a Dance-Form', Scottish Studies 16.2 (1972), 93.
Aidan O'Brien, trainer of Snow Blizzard, Flying Cross, Scottish Reel and September Morn "The horses we have in are only entries and there are no plans for the race yet."
I'm due to ride three newcomers for the Coolmore team tomorrow, including SCOTTISH REEL for Aidan in the mile and five furlong maiden.
From the early 1800s, the term 'national dance', used in a derogatory sense, was applied to the Scottish reel by dancing masters who saw themselves as guardians of decorum.
And it's easy to see why, the final, shocking Scottish reel, with Joanna MacGregor delivering forearm smashes to the keyboard, and doubling to play a rasping drum solo, was intriguing with its constant drifting from lyricism into manic macabre distortion..
And lest Lady Franklin be left out of the play's multiple romantic equations, this woman of a certain age finds her own unexpected prospect in the widower Henry Graves (Roger Allam), with whom she shares a facility for discussing the Scottish reel and staring into space.

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