Scratch coat

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Scratch´ coat`

1.The first coat in plastering; - called also scratchwork. See Pricking-up.
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980 m 2 water-vapor-permeable epoxy resin floor coating including surface preparation by shot peening; coating consisting of: bonding agent, scratch coat, 2k epoxy resin coating, r10 sealant 240 m base version with fillet profile 30 x 100 mm incl.
After this "scratch coat" dries overnight, the stone is applied with the same type of mortar.
AApply a sand and cement scratch coat 3 part sand 1 part cement, leave for a day to set then apply a 4 part sand 1 part cement top coat and dash the pebbles on to this coat.
This is your scratch coat. A second coat can be added as soon as the first is somewhat dry.
Plastering begins with the scratch coat, a sort of undercoat meant to even out the rough spots in the gunite, and this involves use of the biggest trowels, straight 22s.
Next a "scratch coat" (a rough plaster with the texture of sandpaper) is applied, followed by a final coat of smooth plaster.
The scratch coat should be only one-half of the thickness of the old plaster.
Heat insulation of external walls with epoxy polystyrene eps 50 mm, Mineral double-layer scratch coat; Scaffolding installation and dismantling; Supply and installation of welded parts; Delivery and installation of corners with a net; According to the ksc.
Maybe your builder did not apply a first scratch coat, or the walls of your house are particularly exposed to the rain.
If the cabinet finish is dingy overall and has lots of scratches, consider a wipe-on product like Old English Scratch Coat. These products can darken the finish slightly, so you have to apply them to all your cabinets.
the repairs shall include the replacement of slate, grout, scratch coat, waterproofing, sheating & cap flashing as required.