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It will be as well to stop that young screamer though, in case I should be tempted to do him a mischief.
We saw also an autograph letter of Lucrezia Borgia, a lady for whom I have always entertained the highest respect, on account of her rare histrionic capabilities, her opulence in solid gold goblets made of gilded wood, her high distinction as an operatic screamer, and the facility with which she could order a sextuple funeral and get the corpses ready for it.
Then he would dart into the hut during the excitement, throttle the chief screamer, and be gone into the jungle before the blacks could gather their scattered nerves for an assault.
Dorman scored his fair share of screamers for St Mirren - but it is a simple tap-in that stands out for him.
Look at your own response to screamers, which is often influenced by your own experiences growing up.
I've seen midfielders plough through a crowd and hit 30-yard screamers with no back-lift: Bobby Charlton, Glenn Hoddle and Steven Gerrard.
The page, called Oban Screamers, featured photos and offensive captions.
The screamers and moaners, tumblers and rollers, will also be pleased with their jolly outing.
THE straight-to-DVD sequel of the 1995 sci-fi horror continues the battle between mankind and a voracious army of robotic killing machines known as Screamers.
ORGANISERS of the MTV Europe Awards 2008 will today recruit scores of screamers to attend the event.
The pair of Crested Screamers at Washington Wetland Centre are well named.
That the pledge isn't kept is why Screamers roam the earth.