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n. pl.1.(Zool.) The picarian birds, as distinguished from the singing birds.
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Well may they be known as 'Divil Screechers' but as such they are indeed the sentries and defenders of the woods and in addition, ardent oak woodland conservationists to boot.
So we were more than happy to accommodate babies, on the assumption any screechers be removed from the proceedings.
The sequel to The Emerald Atlas, this story finds Kate, Michael and Emma still under threat from dark forces as they pursue their quest to recover the three lost Books of Beginning, encountering dragons, skeletal Screechers and the machinations of the evil magician, the Dire Magnus, along the way.
Your chosen loft should also be able to offer advice on options for spinnakers, asymmetricals (MPS and Gennakers), Code Zeroes and screechers, and their intended usage, with similar options as for your working sails as in material and cut.