Screw machine

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One of a series of machines employed in the manufacture of wood screws.
A machine tool resembling a lathe, having a number of cutting tools that can be caused to act on the work successively, for making screws and other turned pieces from metal rods.

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11 December 2015 - US-based investment firm Heartland Equity Partners has acquired Cass Screw Machine Products, of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, the firm said.
Previously, smaller pipe and profile applications would have required a conical twin screw machine.
CNC milling, turning, Swiss screw machine w/ barfeed.
25" length rotary broaches and can be used for any type of CNC, Swiss, or manual turning, milling, drilling, or screw machine.
The first Advanced Operator Training course that was held, created by Davenport Machine and co-sponsored by the Precision Machine Products Association (PMPA)--the trade association representing the screw machine and precision turned parts industry--received outstanding reviews from class attendees.
Billed as "The Magazine of Screw Machine Technology," the publication is put out by Gardner Publications, Inc.
Taglined "the magazine of screw machine technology," Gardner said the new title was launched in response to the "rapidly changing screw machine industry environment" with editorial focusing on precision machining of discrete parts and components in a manufacturing structure.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of g1/5305-003150 screw machine hex hd st 8.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 11, 2015-Heartland Equity Partners Buys Majority Stake in Cass Screw Machine Products