Screw press

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a press in which pressure is exerted by means of a screw.

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For sludge storage a combined digester and gas tank is rebuilt, The associated conveyor and screw press are used and relocated.
Since the announcement of Veichi AC100-K air compressor inverter and AC100-YK frequency inverter for screw press machine, the two models have attracted much attention in the electrical industry.
When during this period of rise of fascism and nationalism, humanity is in a screw press of violence, making the world better is inevitable, and change unavoidable: the activists will wrench the sword off the stone and clothe themselves in a digital armour.
A screw press has 17-20 kW per one thousand bricks.
The first step in this process is running the spent coffee grounds through a screw press in order to remove the free water.
Sadly, he fails to realize -- despite the message of the Gezi Park resistance -- that putting Turkey into a screw press will only make it explode.
One of the neighboring winemakers in the area had an old screw press that could handle 2 tons, and the winemaker was willing to hand it down to Henry for $2,000.
Layers of the pulp would be spaced with sheets of burlap and wooden pallets and then squeezed mercilessly by an iron screw press.
The silage is treated with hot water and then put through a screw press to extract liquids that are then fermented to produce natural gas," said Dr Fraser.
thickness, (c) a laser marking machine, (d) a 100 tons open front eccentric press with hydraulic operated wet disc clutch brake, also (e) complete overhauling & modernization of a 160 tons eccentric press & (f) a 125 tons new friction screw press.
Staff toasted Bryan with champagne and presented him with a cake in the shape of a machine they use - a friction screw press - which was made by a cake company in Lichfield.
Ralph reflects on his jackpot of a family business as his son, James, places pears into the traditional oak-beamed screw press in a tower of 15 trays and the juice cascades into a wooden casket.