Screw steamer

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a steamship propelled by a screw.

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She was a twin screw steamer with two 100-horsepower engines driving the screws individually, and was extremely manoeuvrable, being able to turn in her own length.
The Union spy wrote: "I have just learned from a source I regard as reliable that a new screw steamer built by Pearse for Walker and Cunard, had been sold to Fraser, Trenholm & Co of Liverpool and Charleston, South Carolina.
Built in 1897, it was a twin screw steamer, tonnage 10.
In Merseyside Maritime Museum's Liverpool: World Gateway gallery, there is a superb model of the twin screw steamer Colombia, a PSNC coastal passenger and cargo liner.
The screw steamer Rattler beat the otherwise identical paddle steamer Alecto.
She was a 130ft twin screw steamer launched in 1884 to carry up to 1, 303 passengers.
The other two vessels were the steel screw steamers Henriette Woermann and the Kamerun.
screw steamers of the Civil War, to the Dupuy de Lome, which looks like nothing so much as a crocodile in a children's book.