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Noun1.barrier strip - a junction unit for connecting 2 cables without the need for plugs
junction, conjunction - something that joins or connects
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The Felsic HV family of aluminum electrolytic screw terminal capacitors provides great performances in energy density combined with an ultra-long lifetime.
Connection is made via screw terminal blocks for both the input and output.
A flexible wire takes just 4.1 seconds to connect, while a screw terminal takes 14.4 seconds.
Available with either a PC mount or chassis mount with screw terminal, these power supplies deliver 4000 Vac reinforced insulation, as well as single, dual and triple outputs.
RJ50 connectors and optional screw terminal adapters are provided for sensor connection.
Conventional screw terminal wiring devices, in contrast, loosen over time due to heat, shock, vibration, failure to be tightened completely when installed or as the result of a process called creep (the shifting of copper wire strands that loosens screws and causes terminal temperatures to rise), the company said.
Wrapping the wire clockwise at least three-quarters of the way around the screw terminal ensures that the wire will stay put and that there's a solid connection between the wire and the screw terminal.
The VB1 offers a modular connector/cable assembly to facilitate ease of wiring, while the BV1T is designed with a conventional screw terminal block.
Use the neon circuit tester to check for power by touching one probe to the grounded metal box (or the bare copper grounding wire, if one is there) and touching the other probe to each screw terminal. If the tester glows, the circuit is still live; don't do any work until the circuit is off.
For rack and panel mounting, screw terminals, input/output cables with remote DIN rail screw terminal, and solder tails are available.