Screw worm

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(Zool.) the larva of an American fly (Compsomyia macellaria), allied to the blowflies, which sometimes deposits its eggs in the nostrils, or about wounds, in man and other animals, with fatal results.

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Many programs were developed on using SIM in pest control and the most successful one was the eradication of the screw worm fly, Cochliomyia hominivorax from the island of Curacao, U.S.A.
According to records at the Ministry of Agriculture, there were only two registered cases of human screw worm infections in 2014 resulting from domestic sheep, which were found in Hodeida governorate.
(4) Larvae of Chrysomyia bezziana, the old world screw worm, are obligatory parasites in wounds and infestation is seen especially in India and Africa.
(She lectured at the White House on The Male Screw Worm.) But most of all, the works exhibit how environmental politics have changed.
First urological presentation of New World screw worm (Cochliomyia hominivorax) myiasis in the UK.
Many state biologists believe that the battle to eliminate the screw worm in the 1940s was the turning point for Southern deer herds.