n.1.A tool for turning screws so as to drive them into their place. It has a thin end which enters the nick in the head of the screw.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
He waited three months before daring the extravagance of a Yankee screw-driver, and his glee in the marvelous little mechanism was so keen that Dede conceived forthright a great idea.
Well, the funeral sermon was very good, but pison long and tiresome; and then the king he shoved in and got off some of his usual rubbage, and at last the job was through, and the undertaker begun to sneak up on the coffin with his screw-driver. I was in a sweat then, and watched him pretty keen.
"Found a screw-driver and some screws on the wash-hand stand.
That screw-driver and those screws were, as I conceive, for fixing it up.
It was formidably high, and garnished horribly with broken bottles; but it was also old, and when I came to pick at the mortar with my screw-driver, I found it reasonably rotten with age and damp.
It was twenty-five minutes past one when Raffles, without a stitch of clothing on his body, but with a glass phial, corked with cotton-wool, between his teeth, and a tiny screw-driver behind his ear, squirmed feet first through the ventilator over his berth; and it was nineteen minutes to two when he returned, head first, with the phial still between his teeth, and the cotton-wool rammed home to still the rattling of that which lay like a great gray bean within.
The bed had iron clamps, but they were screwed to the wood, and it would have required a screw-driver to take them off.
He was like one of those unreasoning but still highly useful, multum in parvo, Sheffield contrivances, assuming the exterior -- though a little swelled --of a common pocket knife; but containing, not only blades of various sizes, but also screw-drivers, cork-screws, tweezers, awls, pens, rulers, nail-filers, counter-sinkers.
It's got 27 things like a nylon and brass-faced hammer, punches, screw-driver bits of all kinds, synthetic roll-pin punches, even torx and hex bits.
She was putting items into her parked car when she was approached by two men, one who was carrying a screw-driver.
Sir Michael Stoute's progressive three-year-old was settled just off a false early gallop by champion jockey Ryan Moore, before the man in the plate asked him to take closer order as the pace began to quicken in the Dalby Screw-Driver Handicap.
Gulf Express has been running well of late and can take top honours in the Dalby Screw-Driver Handicap at Pontefract this afternoon, writes Stable Boy.