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script·ing language

n. Computers
An interpreted language, especially one used to control other applications.
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On the other hand, generative programming based on scripting languages is a relative new discipline.
While there are pay options, such as Microsoft's ASP and Macromedia's ColdFusion, the good news is that open source scripting languages and databases are available for free.
Komodo also includes the only one its kind, regular expression toolkit, for one of the most difficult technologies used in scripting languages.
By redesigning the core classes and libraries of C++ it is possible to achieve almost all of the benefits of scripting languages while retaining the efficiency of a compiler and the interoperability of C.
This workshop is intended for chip design engineers who want to interact with OpenAccess programs or data in scripting languages (such as Tcl, Perl, Python, Ruby), either integrated with native C++ code or as stand-alone programs.
The first is from the OpenAccess Coalition Scripting Languages Working Group (WG), which has created interfaces between the OpenAccess API and popular open scripting languages.
This report examines the opinions and attitudes of developers worldwide who use the top scripting languages.
While Windows dominates 3GL languages for both target and platform, far fewer developers using scripting languages are hosted on Windows and less than half of developers using PHP, Ruby or Perl are targeting the Windows Platform.
NET AJAX (previously code-named "Atlas") were rated tops in security when rated by users of these popular languages, according to Evans Data Corporation's newly released 2007 Scripting Languages - Developers Choice Report.
0 is the Swiss army knife of scripting languages and web development," says Issac Goldstand, Mirimar Networks.
E3W gives knowledge expertsCostrategists, scientists, researchers and othersCothe ability to build working models, simulations and intelligent agents without the need for scripting languages or complex rule-based systems.