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script·ing language

n. Computers
An interpreted language, especially one used to control other applications.
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Whereas, Arabic scripting languages are very rarely used due to its methodologies, unavailability of algorithms and source code (Rehman, 2014 ).
Each major paradigm--concurrent, functional, logic, object-oriented, web and multimedia--is discussed in depth; scripting languages are not neglected and several useful appendices summarize data and control abstractions, virtual memory, and complexity of algorithms, among other subjects.
You would be expected to keep up-to-date with changes to coding and scripting languages used to create VLEs.
The sMash IDE integrates with both PHP and the Groovy scripting languages and two chapters discuss this interoperability.
The solution, based on Microsoft Visual Studio with support for standard scripting languages, is expected to help programmers become immediately productive and focus efforts on creative problem solving and value-add innovation.
Sun Microsystems on Monday said its new open source development environment, Netbeans 6.7, focuses on Maven and Kenai integration for development teams and scripting languages.
"In both of the languages, Visual Basic and C# are going to have interop with the DLR," for interaction with scripting languages such as Python, Massi said.
Beyond that, scripting languages offer the full power of a programming language.
The MEDITECH Client Server Task Builder allows users to schedule automated workflows report generation, and printing and distribution, without having to know scripting languages. BWS presents a series of dialogs through which the user customizes the task she wants to automate.
Abstract: The paper offers graphic and aspect oriented model of application generators based on scripting languages. Generative programming based on scripting languages is an alternative to recently predominant object oriented approach.