n.1.Quality of being scriptural.
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There is no more good sense or faith or scripturalness [sic] in demanding a seminary training for foreign missionaries than there is for demanding an educated ministry at home." In Taylor's hands, the premillennial faith mission preference for "lightly educated" recruits dovetailed nicely with the ancient Jacksonian suspicion of seminary education often appearing among Landmark-oriented Southern Baptists.
Because we have many separate churches, their peculiarities are their confessions, and the sign of the purest particular church is the "scripturalness" of her confession: "The Scripturalness of its Confession is the distinguishing mark of the Particular Church which has the most Truth or the whole Truth, and therefore she deserves the name of the Church before others." (33) He asked then to compare the confession of the church of which one is a member with the word of God and comes to the conclusion: "For no one has ever yet proved that our Confessions err even in one single point.