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One who writes copy to be used by an announcer, performer, or director in a film or broadcast.

script′writ′ing n.


(Film) a person who prepares scripts, esp for a film
ˈscriptˌwriting n


(ˈskrɪptˌraɪ tər)

a person who writes scripts, as for movies or television.
script′writ`ing, n.
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Noun1.scriptwriter - someone who writes scripts for plays or movies or broadcast dramas
film writer, screenwriter - someone who writes screenplays
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)
كاتِب النُّصوص
autor textuscénárista
autor textu
senaristsenaryo yazarı


[ˈskrɪptˌraɪtəʳ] Nguionista mf


[ˈskrɪptraɪtər] nscénariste mf


nTextautor(in) m(f); (of screenplay) → Drehbuchautor(in) m(f); (of talk etc) → Verfasser(in) m(f)des (Manu)skripts


[ˈskrɪptˌraɪtəʳ] nsceneggiatore/trice, soggettista m/f


(skript) noun
the text of a play, talk etc. Have the actors all got their scripts?
ˈscriptwriter noun
a person who writes the texts for radio or television programmes.
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Q: Television dramas seem to be based on similar stories; plots derived from fictional novels based on love stories and domestic feuds do you think there is a dearth of good scriptwriters in the industry?
Fans of the soap even called for scriptwriters to be sacked over the controversial scene involving characters Dan Spencer and Nicola King.
Scriptwriters for the ITV soap have been speaking to victims in order to make the storyline as sensitive as possible.
He believes religion has the potential to help scriptwriters depicting super children.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -11 April 2017: Alexandria's Film Festival is set to launch the fourth edition of its "Mamdouh Al-Lithy" competition targeting young Egyptian scriptwriters.
Can't scriptwriters come up with fresher stories, he pleads?
MENTAL health professionals from Teesside were on hand to help scriptwriters with a sensitive storyline on Emmerdale.
14 along with dozens of journalists, scriptwriters and police officers, including the editor-in-chief of the Zaman daily, Ekrem Dumanly, on charges of heading a terrorist group based on a TV series that was broadcast years ago on the Samanyolu TV channel.
After five or six hours of interview, the scriptwriters weren't able to write anything so the 'Maalaala Mo Kaya' episode will no longer be pursued," he added.
When she expressed her long-neglected desire to be a writer, one of the scriptwriters shot back, "B.
FOR many years I have advised scriptwriters on programmes such as Holby City.