a.1.Abounding in scrog; also, twisted; stunted.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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R.'s 'Garibaldi and His Men', which is especially notable in setting a poem on Garibaldi to a Jacobite song, giving one verse as epigraph, 'It's up yon heathery mountain / And doon yon scroggy glen / We daurna gang a milking / For Charlie and his men'.
"That's how it all started really." The lads have also taken on Pru Scroggy. Pru is from Australia and has worked at some of the best restaurants in Sydney so she's helping to put a quirky stamp on the place.
Dark Horse Comics, David Scroggy, President, 503-652-8815, P.
But the second period proved a different matter as Jamie Riley's hat-trickwas added to by Lee Reece, Carl Scroggy and Gary Flood in a convincing 6-0win for Oasis.
Skrogg was a lean carcass and scroggy could mean stunted, dwarfed or shriveled."
((Summer/Fall 1997), he mentioned that you always had an ear for voices, and mentioned as an example that early story "Jim Scroggy" with the character Fire Watcher.
SCROGGY ROAD, RIADA STADIUM, BALLYMONEY nor - Glenavon v Greenisland, 2.00pm.
A Carl Scroggy strike put NAC in command against The Tavern, and a 3-0 result was completed by further goals from Michael Owen and Gary Southern.
Rike, Teri Rust, John Sandford, Judith Sandford, Susan Sapienza, Tony Schorr, Gilbert Scroggy, Vanessa Shepherd, Margaret A.
Morgan Scroggy of Canby and Jacqueline Leung of Barlow led qualifying in two events apiece.