Scroll chuck

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(Mach.) an adjustable chuck, applicable to a lathe spindle, for centering and holding work, in which the jaws are adjusted and tightened simultaneously by turning a disk having in its face a spiral groove which is entered by teeth on the backs of the jaws.

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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of 1)3 Jaw Self- Centering Scroll Chuck Steel Body Compatible To Existing Positioner As Per Din55026-8 Front Mounting Two Piece Jaw.Specification :-3 Jaw Self- Centering Scroll Chuck With Manual Gripping,Diameter :-500Mm , Width :119Mm,Actual Height: 79Mm,Weight: 160 Kgs (Approx),Qty Of Mounting Screws:6 Front Mounting.Hard Two Piece Jaws ,Total Gripping Force :7200 Dan,Torque On Wrench :360 Nm,Moc : High Alloy Steel Hardened & Grounded Working Surfaces.Only Following Makes Are Acceptable : Bison,Rohm,Schunk,Forkartd,Smw.
An A2-6 spindle nose is standard and a 10" scroll chuck is optional.
The indexer can be used in a variety of chucking applications, including 5" manual scroll chucks, 5" hydraulic and pneumatic power chucks, as well as a 140 mm faceplate.