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Noun1.Scyphozoa - coelenterates in which the polyp stage is absent or at least inconspicuous: jellyfishes
Cnidaria, Coelenterata, phylum Cnidaria, phylum Coelenterata - hydras; polyps; jellyfishes; sea anemones; corals
scyphozoan - any of various usually free-swimming marine coelenterates having a gelatinous medusoid stage as the dominant phase of its life cycle
Chrysaora, genus Chrysaora - a genus of Scyphozoa
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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Crangonidae Pink shrimp Pandalus eous Pandalidae Dungeness crab Cancer magister Cancridae Unidentified jellyfish Class Scyphozoa Dock shrimp Pandalus danae Pandalidae Unidentified copepod Subclass Copepoda Pacific glass shrimp Pasiphaea pacifica Pasiphaeidae Unidentified amphipod Order Gammeridea Unidentified Pandalid Pandalus sp.
Prowfish diet is almost entirely composed of gelatinous zooplankton, plimarily scyphozoa and salps.
Our observation that gelatinous zooplankton was the largest constituent in the contents of prowfish stomachs (Table 1) is supported by Tokranov (1999), who found that the two most common prey taxa among the contents of 102 stomachs of adult specimens from the northwestern Pacific were Scyphozoa (59.