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 (skī′rəs, skē′rôs)


(Placename) a variant spelling of Skyros


or Sky•ros

(ˈskaɪ rɒs, -roʊs; Gk. ˈski rɔs)
a Greek island in the W Aegean: the largest island of the Northern Sporades. 81 sq. mi. (210 sq. km).
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I have heard nothing,' I answered, 'of Peleus, but I can tell you all about your son Neoptolemus, for I took him in my own ship from Scyros with the Achaeans.
Patroclus lay on the other side of the room, and with him fair Iphis whom Achilles had given him when he took Scyros the city of Enyeus.
Goodly Bull, come, Hero Dionysus, To Elaeans' shrine, a pure shrine, pounding Oxhoof graced, Goodly Bull, O Goodly Bull,' so to herself hummed exiled Pyrrha Pent in sorry school in ugly Scyros .
Introduction" in Guidubaldo Bonarelli, Phyllis of Scyros.
A centaur was provided for the pastoral comedy Scyros at Trinity in 1612-13.
It contains ten scenes regarding Achilles's childhood, with the central theme of his discovery by Odysseus on the island of Scyros.
32) He starts out wasting time by hiding away on Scyros in woman's clothing to avoid going to Troy at all (1.
which could be either a text or a painting, and at 6,1,3, Clitophon, dressed in woman's clothing, is likened to a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of Achilles on Scyros.
hijo de Peleo y Thetis, diosa de la mar, que fue dado a criar a Chiron, centauro, en el monte Pelio, y se crio en habito de muger en Scyros, en casa del rey Lycomedes, adonde lo hallaron Vlixes y Diomedes de que ay dos libros en Stacio llamada Achileis y el autor tiene hecha una tragicomedia que se llama Achiles hallado .
Bejouai presents them in this order: the southwest cluster includes the islands of Scyros and Cyprus with the Cypriot city of Idalium; the southeast cluster (partly destroyed) puts Cnidos with two lost companion "islands"; the northeast cluster shows Rhodes, Cytherae and the Cypriot city of Paphos; the northwest cluster has the island of Lemnos, the city of Eryx, and a missing third; while the central cluster depicts the island of Naxos and the cities of Egusa (on Sicily) and Cnossos (on Crete).
In "Un Aquiles barroco: la materia mitologica en El monstruo de los jardines de Calderon de la Barca," Monica Maria Martinez Sariego focuses on the episode of Achilles' cross-dressing on Scyros, tracing various versions of the myth from antiquity to the Renaissance, then showing how the dramatist drew from his sources to integrate mythological material into the play.
To avoid his fate, he is disguised as a girl named Pyrrha and sent off to the island of Scyros, where he is raised with the daughters of Lycomedes, king of that island nation.