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    (jĭm´nô`sō´må`tå or jĭm´nô`sǒm´å`tå)
n. pl.1.(Zool.) One of the orders of Pteropoda. They have no shell.
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One humpback floats remarkably close to the surface, his gleaming white pectorals fanned out as if in flight, leading Captain Aaron to dub him a Sea Angel.
Just the names of things are a delight: the blood henry starfish, the common sea angel, the northern stoplight loosejaw (a fish), the precious wentletrap (a sea shell) and the bare-faced go-away bird.
Kochi (Kerala), July 5 ( ANI ): The MV Sea Angel, a 70-meter-long Maldivian vessel bound for Kannur in north Kerala under tow, to be dismantled as scrap, sank off Kochi on the evening of July 1.
Every day Sea Angel visits crews among the 100 to 150 ships on the 12 by 18 mile anchorage off Sharjah.
Operation Sea Angel II succeeded thanks to close coordination between the Department, DOD, USAID, the government of Bangladesh and USAID's nongovernmental partners.
Bailey served as the on-scene commander for Operation Sea Angel II, the name given to HA/DR efforts in Bangladesh, and Pottenger directed all U.
A more publicized effort was Operation Sea Angel conducted by the US Marines in Bangladesh in 1991 under Lieutenant General H.
While returning from Operation Desert Storm, the squadron participated in Operation Sea Angel, a relief effort in Bangladesh after a hurricane that killed more than 100,000 people.
The once mega-fit Superman star is at the helm of his yacht, Sea Angel.
So the Pentagon's dreary name for the life-saving relief operation, "Operation Productive Effort," was rechristened "Operation Sea Angel.
In the second rescue, the Type 23 frigate was called to the yacht Sea Angel to rescue German Matthias Glockl, aged 36, who had been thrown into the water and had a suspected broken arm and badly dislocated hip.