Sea bank

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Sea´ bank`

1.The seashore.
2.A bank or mole to defend against the sea.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Where the water was shallow these sheets would be piled one atop of the other till the bottommost touched mud fifty feet down, and the discoloured sea banked behind the muddy ice till the increasing pressure drove all forward again.
Resolution were passed including urging government to declare 20 March as holiday; British government be requested to identify the burial place of Shaheed; his memorial be built in Karachi near sea bank; UK must seek apology for martyrdom of Soorhia Badshah; Sindh should repeal Hur criminal trial act 1942 and other resolutions.
"Unlike in other countries of the region, the sand dunes in Qatar extend to the sea bank. This is very special and rare.
However, recent good performances in defeat from Remarkable Lady, Calm Bay, Byron Beauty and Sea Bank illustrate that a winner is very likely soon.
The seven-year-old battled on bravely over the last quarter of a mile to deny Grey Sky Blue and Sea Bank.
28 (Saba) A'Chairman of Board of Directors of Yemen Bank for Reconstruction and Development (YBRD), Hussein Fadhl Harhara , has returned home after his participation in meetings of the board of directors of the Red Sea Bank for Commerce and Industry (BCI-MR) in Djibouti.
Prosecuting barrister Simon Rogers told how in the summer of last year police searched a house where Cullen had been staying in Sea Bank Drive in Prestatyn and a caravan which he had used in Rhyl.
The water-shielding wall on the sea bank was completed Friday.
the Agreement on Establishment of the Black Sea Bank for Trade and Development" comes into force for all the members of the bank on
These include making minimum use of a limited sea bank (due to small bleed rate discharge back to the sea), where in many cases competition for land is typically between the industrial zone and the tourist hotels and residential resorts, and the ability with the seawater cooling towers to meet the thermal challenge of delivering cold water even during the summer when the seawater temperatures are high.