Sea bean

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Sea´ bean

1.(Bot.) Same as Florida bean.
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The repeating forms of a sea bean casing were apparently an inspiration.
A few minutes later, she popped out of the water with a sea bean clenched between her teeth.
This book includes illustrations of the GulfAEs inhabitants, such as Sargassum, ocean sunfish, Bermuda petrels, sea beans, jellyfish, American eels, and many more throughout the book as well as a gallery of photographs at the end, along with a list of selected literature for further reading.
3 Those who considered it their eternal nemesis will rejoice to know that Brussels sprouts are out while marine veggies like sea beans replace them.
Beachcombing is the recreational activity of looking for and finding various curiosities that have been washed in with the tide, including seashells of every kind, sea beans, sea glass and driftwood.
Prisoners were encouraged to earn money by crafting products such as polished sea beans, toys, and bows and arrows, all sold to tourists.
corzetti and add to braise followed by onions and sea beans.
Coat sea beans and half of the herbs in batter and deep-fry until golden brown; blot with paper towels.