Sea fight

Sea´ fight`

1.An engagement between ships at sea; a naval battle.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He told me, "he had for many years been commander of a ship; and in the sea fight at Actium had the good fortune to break through the enemy's great line of battle, sink three of their capital ships, and take a fourth, which was the sole cause of Antony's flight, and of the victory that ensued; that the youth standing by him, his only son, was killed in the action." He added, "that upon the confidence of some merit, the war being at an end, he went to Rome, and solicited at the court of Augustus to be preferred to a greater ship, whose commander had been killed; but, without any regard to his pretensions, it was given to a boy who had never seen the sea, the son of Libertina, who waited on one of the emperor's mistresses.
The sea fight took place in Rigga, located between the islands of Failaka and Boubyan.
Using iterative war gaming, the Navy can gain a better understanding of the dynamics of a future sea fight in the context of the three modes.
Don't be taken in by the numbers, indicating that China would steamroller India in a sea fight. Martial enterprises are seldom that neat.
She was one of the most painful US losses in the Coral Sea fight, the first naval battle conducted by air without visual contact between enemy ships.
In 1944 she took part in the greatest sea fight of all time, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which returned the American General Douglas MacArthur to the Philippines.
Rising Sun, Falling Skies: The Disastrous Java Sea Campaign of World War II provides a powerful survey of Allied losses in the early months of their involvement in the Pacific, especially during the Java Sea Campaign, and narrows the focus to this battle, the first in an ongoing sea fight the Americans were to conduct in the area.
And almost as we stepped off the ship we came across the monument to the famous German pocket battleship on which the sea fight was centred, the Graf Spee.
Replica 19th century tall ships with blazing broadsides evoked scenes from the sea fight 200 years ago.
Cradock's only hope in a sea fight would be the old 12-inch gunned battleship Canopus, which Churchill and the Admiralty had promised him as reinforcement.
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