Sea turn

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Sea´ turn`

1.A breeze, gale, or mist from the sea.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The sea turned to an oily grey; and George, rising, strode back in the direction of his hotel in a mood that made him forget that he had brown boots on at all.
When it behaves like a grand dame, it's an ethereal sight--the sky and the sea turn a steel shade of blue, flecked with gold.
Within seconds, another swimmer saw the sea turn red and scrambled ashore to call for help.
Brock Curtis, 16, saw the sea turn red and heard Peter Edmonds' cries for help after a large shark took two bites out of his left leg.
'In this way, conflict could be transformed into opportunity and the South China Sea turned into a sea of cooperation and friendship,' he added.
As very strong winds hit the region and the sea turned rough due to Cyclone Vayu, fishermen in Veraval coastal area of the district have claimed that at least 40 to 45 boats were damaged due to the impact of the cyclone.
KARACHI -- The hot weather conditions prevailing in the city might lose or increase their intensity depending on whether the system developing in the Arabian Sea turns into a cyclone, a Met department official said on Monday.
The sea turned to ice, a mile out from shore in Kent, and freezing fog swept the North West.
THE sea turns crimson red with blood as more than 180 whales are rounded up and massacred on the remote Faroe Islands.