n. & a.1.See Seaboard.
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While this investment does not fully remove the exposure to volatile market conditions, the company benefits from the support of long-term, qualified shareholders such as Seabord and Mitsui & Co, and it will lead to enhanced geographic diversification.
Portuguese-Americans along Eastern Seabord. North Dartmouth, Tagus Press, Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture-University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.
Rough to very rough sea conditions will prevail over the northern and eastern seaboards of Luzon and over the eastern seabord of Visayas as it moves closer towards the country.
at 36 ("[T]he urban region has lost its boundaries and should be considered an open-ended system, consisting of multi-centered, overlapping, and partially autonomous subunits."); see also JEAN GOTTMANN, MEGALOPOLIS: THE URBANIZED NORTHEASTERN SEABORD OFTHE UNITED STATES 560 (1961) (proposing a megalopolis running from Washington to Boston); Rupert Vance, Regions, in REGIONALISM AND THE SOUTH: SELECTED PAPERS OF RUPERT VANCE 312 (1982) (arguing in 1968 that "the high population density of the megalopolis" demands "regional-urban planning of a type as yet undeveloped").
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An employee of the Seabord Air Line Railway, Chamlers Barber became the only father Mabel knew.
The agency said that the downward revisions were mainly owing to sluggish economies in developed countries and the knock-on effects of Hurricane Sandy which wrought havoc on the US eastern seabord three weeks ago.
The credit union plaintiffs in the consolidated suit are Matadors Community Credit Union, in Chatsworth, Calif.; Elevations Credit Union, Boulder, Colo.; PBC Credit Union, West Palm Beach, Fla.; O Bee Credit Union, Tumwater, Wash.; Seabord Federal Credit Union, Bucksport, Maine; and Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, Harrisburg.
[O]il companies began to consider the possibility of using the Northwest Passage to transport oil to the American eastern seabord. Consequently, in 1969 Humble Oil (now Exxon USA) had the S/T Manhattan, a huge 155,000-ton tanker, converted into an icebreaking vessel and sent through the Northwest Passage to determine the feasibility of year-round navigation.
"Looking at the very large mercantile marine of the Dominion," the First Sea Lord reported in 1878, "it is only reasonable to assume that the Canadian Government will avail themselves of their own resources for the defence of Canadian ports and shipping." The Admiralty would be prepared to lend guns to arm Canadian ships, he said, noting that Canada would thus acquire a fleet that would "exceed in number and speed any force a European power at war with England could readily sail to the Atlantic Seabord."
The Urbanized Northeastern Seabord of the United States.
Governors of file six New England states met July 9 for their New England Governors Conference meeting in Boston to discuss energy and try to forge, among other things an agreement on funding new transmission lines to bring electricity from remote wind and biomass power plants in Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire to the urban centers on the Eastern Seabord.