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 (sē′bôrg′), Glenn Theodore 1912-1999.
American chemist. He shared a 1951 Nobel Prize for the discovery of plutonium and other transuranic elements.


(Biography) Glenn Theodore. 1912–99, US chemist and nuclear physicist. With E.M. McMillan, he discovered several transuranic elements, including plutonium (1940), curium, and americium (1944), and shared a Nobel prize for chemistry 1951


(ˈsi bɔrg)

Glenn T(heodor), 1912–99, U.S. chemist: Nobel prize 1951.
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Noun1.Seaborg - United States chemist who was one of the discoverers of plutonium (1912-1999)
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Este aporte se debio al quimico norteamericano Glenn Seaborg, quien murio en 1999 a los 86 anos de edad.
Glenn Seaborg und McMillan entdeckten 1941 ebenfalls in den USA das Plutonium.
One striking example of this shameless obstinacy was displayed when Glenn Seaborg, a Nobel laureate in chemistry, two other Nobel laureates, and thirty other scientists offered to design--free of charge--a K--12 science curriculum for the state of California.
Seaborg isolates a visible amount of plutonium for the first time.
2), synthesized and isolated in 1941 by a group of American nuclear scientists led by Glenn Seaborg (for this important discovery in 1951, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry) [5, 12], with a subcritical mass of up to 6.2 kg using the <<gun shot>> method described in subsection 2.1 proved to be fundamentally impossible [9, 11].
Fortunately, Glenn Seaborg and George Sealy thought Rostoker's idea was worth the bet, putting their reputations and their endorsement into the creation of Tri Alpha.
Sandved; and includes the writings of David Brower, David Seaborg, Liam O'Brien, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Robert Michael Pyle, and others.
Moltex Energy's stable salt reactor was chosen from six potential MSR configurations proposed by start-ups Flibe Energy, ThorCon Power, Seaborg Technologies, Terrestrial Energy and Transatomic Power.
13, 2014) (recognizing that judges within the Northern District of California, and throughout the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, "are split on the issue" and citing opinions of Judge Aslup and Judge Seaborg as examples of the different views).
Glenn Seaborg both during his life and since his death in 1999, the legacy for which he may be most remembered is his towering stature as citizen-scholar.
One example he cites is a letter he once found online from Glenn Seaborg to Robert McNamara, in which Seaborg provided hard numbers related to developing a 100 megaton weapon.
Haynes, Lucas Hester, Jacquelyn Seaborg, Clayton Weaver.