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a.1.Bounded by the sea.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The military mobilized 22 ships and 22 aircraft to hold its largest seabound live-fire drills in five years off Taiwan's east coast Wednesday morning (May 22).
here Head seabound and north of the Delta where you'll come across a small fishing town called L'Amettla de Mar which is home to a unique tourist attraction - swimming with large bluefin tuna fish.
It means that the world of cruising is not denied to you and that you have the green light to pick the seabound holiday that takes your fancy.
Seabound Canvas, 5640 Ne 199th PI, Kenmore, 604121707
The drugs were seized at Jebel Ali port while inspecting the seabound shipment, Emirates News Agency (WAM) quoted a senior official at the Customs Intelligence Department (CID) as saying.
The continental shelves of most seabound nations are relatively rich in natural resources, and therefore they are hotly contested.
Their boat was the first of their team to head out, and by now is seabound on a freighter to Australia.
"Saudi Arabia is also turning to seabound tourism as a valuable economic driver and Saudi Ports Authority's plans include a $27 million cruise and leisure vessel terminal to be constructed at Yanbu Commercial Port," said Hayman.
equipment manufacturer succeeded in driving 120 72-foot-diameter, 130-foot-long steel plies to form two circular seabound walls in the South China Sea.
Fortress We watched the restless tides embracing the rocks, the shore, the small islands scattered around the coastline, Chateaubriand's tomb and the seabound fortress.
The Seabound Coast: The Official History of the Royal Canadian Navy, 1867-1939, Volume 1 by William Johnston, William Rawling, Richard Gimblett and John MacFarlane..