Seaming machine

a machine for uniting the edges of sheet-metal plates by bending them and pinching them together.

See also: Seaming

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The clean and slit roll first transfers to an Accraply ASFC fully continuous forming and seaming machine. There, the barcode is scanned and the instruction file from the code read to automatically set up the forming and seaming operation.
A forming and seaming machine manufactures a continuous tube of shrink sleeves for labels delivered in reels for automatic application on the final product.
To satisfy the growing demand for automatically closed large diameter cans, Ferrum, the Swiss seamer manufacturer, have recently developed a new automatic can seaming machine, Type F201 to seam large, round cans, up to a diameter of 230mm.
Most shrink labels are plastic sheets that are formed into tubes, or sleeves, by the use of a seaming machine. The sleeve is then slipped onto the container and then shrunk in the heat tunnel.
From Ferrum of Switzerland Planet will be exhibiting an automatic can seaming machine, Model P201, exclusively designed for operation on large cans, The unit will operate at 20 containers per minute on cans having a diameter of 230mm, and up to 60 containers per minute on cans having a diameter of 99mm.
Machines can be stand alone or for speeds in excess of 500 cans per minute linked to a seaming machine. The Universal machine thus boasts the following advantages: