Sear spring

the spring which causes the sear to catch in the notches by which the hammer is held.

See also: Sear

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To remove the sear from its notch, depress the sear spring located in the back of the magazine.
The company has come up with a support that keeps the pesky hammer strut from getting underneath the lower cross pin/ sear spring stop pin.
Each kit includes: aluminum or polymer action enhancement trigger, heavy duty 1/8-inch sear spring, full machined sear (two-dot), duty carry trigger return spring, ultimate striker block kit and slave pin.
Once you add in the prospect of getting just the right balance of sear spring and trigger reset pressure, it's easy to see why 1911 trigger work can be a frustrating exercise, even for the accomplished hobbyist and dedicated shooter.
This frees the front end of the sear and permits the sear spring to drive the rear end of the sear upward to grab the piston extension with full-face engagement in one sudden, sharp movement.
I typically buy the Wolff Model 1911 Service Pak Type II, which comes with a recoil spring, a magazine catch spring, a plunger tube spring, a firing pin safety spring, a sear spring, and a magazine spring.
The ability to remove the mainspring housing easily becomes very practical for replacement of the 3-leaf sear spring should it break, since the mainspring housing traps it.
saute pan, heat remaining oil over high heat and sear spring onions
I noticed on Page 17 in PS GSG (July 07) that your article on replacing the M2 machine gun sear spring said to first depress the sear and remove the sear slide.
After checking to make sure this spring is properly in place, work the grip safety into the receiver at the top and push down and into the receiver at the bottom against the small leaf of the sear spring.