Sear spring

the spring which causes the sear to catch in the notches by which the hammer is held.

See also: Sear

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Take a few photos for reference and see the group photo of the hammer, sear lever, sear spring, and trigger to get an idea of how they are positioned in assembly.
It's chock full of features like a flat-faced trigger, tuned sear spring, crisp trigger break, hand-fitted slide/frame fit, polished ramp, target crown and a whole lot more.
When combined with the custom flat-faced trigger shoe, precision-machined disconnector and hand-tuned sear spring, it results in a match-grade, crisp and clean break with every trigger pull.
The company has come up with a support that keeps the pesky hammer strut from getting underneath the lower cross pin/ sear spring stop pin.
This frees the front end of the sear and permits the sear spring to drive the rear end of the sear upward to grab the piston extension with full-face engagement in one sudden, sharp movement.
I typically buy the Wolff Model 1911 Service Pak Type II, which comes with a recoil spring, a magazine catch spring, a plunger tube spring, a firing pin safety spring, a sear spring, and a magazine spring.
Following that, I relieved an area for the sear spring housing on the sear.
The ability to remove the mainspring housing easily becomes very practical for replacement of the 3-leaf sear spring should it break, since the mainspring housing traps it.
Some even made the mistake of removing coils from the sear spring. It was also fashionable to replace two-stage triggers with those of single-stage design made by Dayton Traister, Timney and others.
saute pan, heat remaining oil over high heat and sear spring onions
I noticed on Page 17 in PS GSG (July 07) that your article on replacing the M2 machine gun sear spring said to first depress the sear and remove the sear slide.
To break down the bolt further (when necessary), start by removing the sear spring after taking out the sear spring screw.