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search engine optimization


search engine optimisation

(Computer Science) computing the process of adjusting the content, structure, etc, of a website so that it will be displayed prominently by a search engine
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both mainstream parties have huge teams of librarians and search engine optimizers ensuring that their candidates and their policies are hitting the top of the results.
Search engine marketers and search engine optimizers are looking at Google search results all day long, trying to find ways to better position commercial web content.
However, some search engine optimizers may game the system by using different techniques (aka Blackhat SEO), such as cross-linking pages of the same website, "stuffing" webpages with popular keywords, posting links to a site in the comments section of webpages, and "link farming," which consists of a group of websites that all link to each other (Shinder, 2010).
Firstly, sites are diagnosed by professional search engine optimizers and follow strict guidelines set by Google to ensure websites are following search engine guidelines.
com/sphinncon) is designed for search engine marketers, search engine optimizers, and affiliate marketers and will feature speakers with a range of experience in these areas.
There are three ways to work SEO into your business strategy: Search engine optimizers may carry out optimization projects for clients; in-house employees may perform SEO services on an ongoing basis for a company; and some marketing firms are now offering SEO as part of a marketing package incorporated into Website development and design.

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