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a. An apparatus containing a light source and a reflector for projecting a high-intensity beam of approximately parallel rays of light.
b. The beam of light so projected.
2. A flashlight.


1. (Electronics) a device, consisting of a light source and a reflecting surface behind it, that projects a powerful beam of light in a particular direction
2. (Electronics) the beam of light produced by such a device



1. a device, usu. consisting of a light and reflector, for throwing a beam of light in any direction.
2. a beam of light so thrown.
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Noun1.searchlight - a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular directionsearchlight - a light source with reflectors that projects a beam of light in a particular direction
Fresnel lens - lens composed of a number of small lenses arranged to make a lightweight lens of large diameter and short focal length
light source, light - any device serving as a source of illumination; "he stopped the car and turned off the lights"
نور كَشّاف
leitarljós; kastljós


[ˈsɜːtʃlaɪt] Nreflector m, proyector m


[ˈsɜːrtʃlaɪt] nprojecteur msearch party néquipe f de secours
to send out a search party → envoyer une équipe de secourssearch warrant nmandat m de perquisition


[ˈsɜːtʃˌlaɪt] nriflettore m


(səːtʃ) verb
1. (often with for) to look for something by careful examination. Have you searched through your pockets thoroughly?; I've been searching for that book for weeks.
2. (of the police etc) to examine, looking for eg stolen goods. He was taken to the police station, searched and questioned.
an act of searching. His search did not take long.
ˈsearcher noun
ˈsearching adjective
trying to find out the truth by careful examination. He gave me a searching look.
ˈsearchingly adverb
ˈsearchlight noun
a strong light with a beam that can be turned in any direction, used eg to see enemy aeroplanes in the sky.
search party
a group of people looking for a missing person. When the climbers failed to return, a search party was sent out.
search warrant
a warrant giving legal permission to the police to search a house etc.
in search of
searching for. We went in search of a restaurant.
References in classic literature ?
The statistics show that 58,640 merchant steamers, equipped with searchlights and rapid-fire guns, were despatched by the various nations to China.
We're within a hundred yards of the German trenches and they are bringing searchlights up.
The stars leaped and danced in the frosty air, and overhead the colored bars of the aurora borealis were shooting like great searchlights.
Cobb felt like a fish removed from his native element and left panting on the sand; there was no evading the awful responsibility of a reply, for Rebecca's eyes were searchlights, that pierced the fiction of his brain and perceived the bald spot on the back of his head.
The splendid music-halls of the time sank every topic in patriotism and evolved scenes of wild enthusiasm, strong men wept at the sight of the national banner sustained by the whole strength of the ballet, and special searchlights and illuminations amazed the watching angels.
During the nights the searchlights from the Toreador were kept playing upon the cliff at the point where the drills were working, and at the rate of ten feet an hour the summit was reached upon the fifth day.
The other turned his spectacles upon Ossipon like a pair of searchlights.
On the summit of the East Cliff the new searchlight was ready for experiment, but had not yet been tried.
Presently the powerful rays of its searchlight shot downward from the bow.
One or two adventurous souls, it was after- wards found, went into the darkness and crawled quite near the Martians; but they never returned, for now and again a light-ray, like the beam of a warship's searchlight swept the common, and the Heat-Ray was ready to follow.
From one activity to another had Tom Swift gone, now constructing some important invention for himself, as among others, when he made the photo-telephone, or developed a great searchlight which he presented to the Government for use in detecting smugglers on the border.
As we neared the high tower a patrol shot down from above, throwing its piercing searchlight full upon my craft, and a voice roared out a command to halt, following with a shot as I paid no attention to his hail.