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(Placename) the English name for Sevastopol


(səˈvæs təˌpoʊl)

also Sebastopol

a seaport in the S Crimea, in S Ukraine. 361,000.
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Noun1.Sebastopol - a city in southern Ukraine on the Black SeaSebastopol - a city in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea
Crimea - a Ukrainian peninsula between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov
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I read some shorter stories of Tolstoy's before I came to this greatest work of his: I read 'Scenes of the Siege of Sebastopol,' which is so much of the same quality as 'War and Peace;' and I read 'Policoushka' and most of his short stories with a sense of my unity with their people such as I had never felt with the people of other fiction.
After leaving Constantinople, the way will be taken out through the beautiful Bosphorus, across the Black Sea to Sebastopol and Balaklava, a run of about twenty-four hours.
Well, I can assure you it was entirely on my account that Pirogoff telegraphed to Paris, and left Sebastopol at the greatest risk during the siege.
But, like the Russian engineers at Sebastopol, East and his chum had an answer for every move of the adversary, and the next day had mounted a gun in the shape of a pea-shooter upon the ledge of their window, trained so as to bear exactly upon the spot which Martin had to occupy while tending his nurslings.
1855 The Russian Black Sea base of Sebastopol fell to Anglo-French forces after an 11-month siege.
Tenders are invited for Petaluma Sebastopol Trail Feasibility Study
Police descended on an address in Sebastopol Street in St Thomas after receiving a call at 11.
com)-- New Vintage Artists, is your local Sonoma County music label based at New Vintage Studio in Sebastopol.
The tasting room at her Coopersmith Vineyard, north of Sebastopol, is unpretentious, and the wine speaks for itself.
The site is one of the first projects in Sebastopol classified under the new statewide CALGREEN standards, designed to fight climate change through reduced greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and water use, further representing RCU's commitment to earth-friendly green efforts and sustainability.
There were four goals, three red cards and a missed penalty in the local derby between Sebastopol and New Inn.
The film--about the siege of Sebastopol during the war between Russia and a British, French and Turkish allied force--will put the role of Ukrainian soldiers and sailors centerstage.