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 (syo͞o′tə, thĕ′o͞o-tä, sĕ′-)
A Spanish city of northwest Africa, an enclave in Morocco on the Strait of Gibraltar. A flourishing trade city under the Arabs, it was taken by the Portuguese in 1415 and passed to Spain in 1580.


(Spanish ˈθeuta)
(Placename) an enclave in Morocco on the Strait of Gibraltar, consisting of a port and military station: held by Spain since 1580. Pop: 74 931 (2003 est)


(ˈseɪ u tə, -tɑ)

a seaport and enclave of Spain in N Morocco, on the Strait of Gibraltar. 71,403.
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Il s'agit aussi des sites d'accueil des ports de Tanger Med, Nador et Al Hoceima, des entrees de Bab Sebta et Bab Melilla, et des aeroports de Casablanca Mohammed V, Oujda Angad, Agadir Al Massira et de Fes Saiss.
Morocco, being a "good friend" is shouldering the responsibility for this wave of immigrants, and even went so far as to erect razor wires right outside Sebta and Melilla, the two still-colonized Moroccan cities under Spanish control, to prevent unlawful migrants from entering Spanish territory.
Un groupe d'environ 300 migrants en situation irreguliere a tente ce jeudi de forcer le passage vers le preside occupe de Sebta, indique un communique du ministere de l'Interieur.
Moroccan workers threaten to cripple Sebta and Melilla border crossings.
According to investigations, three members of the cell, originating in Sebta, were killed in suicide bombings that targeted sensitive sites within one of the spots of tension, the source said.
Madrid, which never envisaged a visit by a Moroccan prime minister from the conservative Independence Party, whose historic leader, Allal El Fassi, it has long accused of carrying maps of his country's historical rights, has reserved a warm welcome for the Moroccan Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi even though his party is the most stringent in facing Spain's ongoing occupation of Sebta and Melilla, north of the country.
Les importations marocaines concernent essentiellement les amandes douces sans coques en provenance des Etats-Unis (81%), loin devant l'Espagne, certes, mais sans compter une importation illicite d'origine californienne, importee via l'Espagne et ecoulee dans le preside occupe de Sebta.
Deux ressortissantes allemandes ont ete arretees, mercredi au point de passage de Bab Sebta, en possession de 145 kg de chira (resine de cannabis), a indique jeudi une source douaniere.
Moroccan working class took the opportunity to reiterate its position as a united front in defending the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, the liberation of Moroccan Spanish-occupied cities of Sebta et Melillia, renewing also its unconditional support to the Palestinian people in their heroic struggle for the establishment of their independent state with Al Quds as its capital.
The Arab MPs also discussed the Iranian occupation of the three UAE islands and the situation in the Spanish-occupied Moroccan cities of Sebta and Melillia.
Demantelement d'une cellule terroriste s'activant a Fnideq, Sebta, Melillia et Barcelone, specialisee dans le recrutement de femmes volontaires pour rallier l'E