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n. pl. sec·cos
The art or an example of painting on dry plaster.
adj. Music
Of or being a kind of recitative in which the words are sung rapidly to minimal accompaniment, usually just continuo.

[Italian, from Latin siccus, dry.]


n, pl -cos
1. (Art Terms) wall painting done on dried plaster with tempera or pigments ground in limewater. Compare fresco
2. (Art Terms) any wall painting other than true fresco
[C19: from Italian: dry, from Latin siccus]
References in classic literature ?
1640 Father Secchi saw one in a cemetery near Florence and frightened
The constellations alone claimed all their attention; and we must allow that the astronomers Faye, Charconac, and Secchi, never found themselves in circumstances so favorable for their observation.
12) In addition to the customary locational and structural variables, they use Secchi disk readings as an objective measure of water clarity.
TABLE 1 Minimum, averages [+ or -] Standard Deviation, and maximum values of abiotic variables, trophic state indices, and total biomass at the three collection points in the euphotic (*) and aphotic (**) zones of the Argemiro de Figueiredo reservoir (Brazil) from August/2007 to July/2009 Confluence of the tributaries rivers (PC) Min Mean [+ or -] SD Max Secchi disk (m) 0.
Analisis de la dinamica espacial de la variable Disco de Secchi en el embalse de Porto
2)) Outfall Summer Summer Winter Secchi clear overcast clear depth sky sky (metres) Barra da 991 345 593 8 Tijuca Ipanema 991 345 593 8 Icarai 991 345 593 4 Maximum solar radiation within the sewage plume (W/(m.
However, during the whole sampling period the Secchi disc depth measured was high, indicating that the euphotic zone always reached the sediment, favoring the germination of seeds in the diaspore bank.
E importante notar que para Kissler e Heidemann (2006) e Secchi (2009) ela surge como uma superacao do modelo gerencial, no entanto, constatamos em Diniz (1998) que a governanca publica e discutida desde a decada de 1990 no Brasil.
However, Secchi made it clear in his 1877 book Le Stelle that he was only describing a small part of M24.