Secchi depth

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Sec·chi depth

A measure of the cloudiness or turbidity of surface water.

[After the Secchi disk.]
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The Secchi depth adopted for the regions surrounding Barra da Tijuca and Ipanema outfalls was 8 meters.
During several visits to the lake (July 24, 2009; April 30, 2010; June 22, 2010; August 27, 2010; September 24, 2010; December 15, 2010; February 25, 2011; and May 15, 2011) nutrients and chlorophyll a samples were taken at different depths, together with Secchi depth readings.
In biplot of Seri Serdang Lake, Secchi depth was negatively correlated with biological parameters, because as productivity increase, water transparency decreased.
In addition to presenting turbidity data, we related turbidity data to Secchi depths on the basis of Davies-Colley and Smith (2001), as hydrophyte light limitations have been reported in relation to Secchi depth rather than turbidity (i.
Lake Vortsjarv is rather turbid in summer with Secchi depth less than 1 m while in winter Secchi may reach up to 2.
Supporting data acquisition services includes water levels, ellipsoidally referenced surveys, shoreline and feature acquisition, secchi depth readings and speed of sound through water measurements.
Although well known for its clear waters, clarity has been decreasing since the late 1960s, with a current annual mean Secchi depth of approximately 20 m (Winder et al.