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also Sze·chuan or Sze·chwan  (sĕch′wän′)
A province of southwest China crossed by the Yangtze River. Chengdu is the capital.


(ˈsɪtʃwɑːn) ,




(Placename) a province of SW China: the most populous administrative division in the country, esp in the central Red Basin, where it is crossed by three main tributaries of the Yangtze. Capital: Chengdu. Pop: 81 000 000 (2003 est). Area: about 569 800 sq km (220 000 sq miles)


(ˈsɪtʃˈwɑn, ˈsɪtʃ uˌɑn)

also Szechwan

a province in S central China. 112,140,000; 219,691 sq. mi. (569,000 sq. km). Cap.: Chengdu.
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Noun1.Sichuan - a populous province of south central ChinaSichuan - a populous province of south central China
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
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Our selection is based on a rigorous tasting made at Hakkasan's sister Michelin-starred restaurant Yauatcha, which boasts over 100 varieties of teas, coming from all the classic tea growing regions of China and Taiwan, such as Fujian, Yunan, Hunan and Sechuan.
Constant digressions in La escuela del dolor humano de Sechuan (2001) hamper the reader's every effort to perceive a cohesive argument in the narrative.
Hitachi expresses deep condolences for victims of the earthquake and sincerely hopes for the earliest recovery of the people and areas in Sechuan province affected by the disaster.
For genuine show-no-mercy Sechuan cuisine go to the Tian-Fu and for Taiwanese it's Lon Men's Noodle House, where noodles rule and the menu features the more exotic parts of pig.
Choisy puede quedar como el "alma buena de Siam", sin duda mejor que la de Sechuan.
En teatro participo en las puestas en escena Los endebles, La cibernauta, El alma buena de Sechuan, Pension vudu, Historias en la cama para tocar campanas, Antinavidenos, Julio Cesar, Sueno de una noche de verano, Pinoxcho emo y Callate Josefa.
This has been clearly illustrated through press coverage of calamitous 21st-century events such as the Pakistan, Sechuan and Haitian earthquakes and the Indian Ocean and Japanese tsunamis - each a stark reminder of the vulnerability of modern nations to natural disasters.
Finally, for growers looking for a buzz in the garden, "electric daisies" or Sechuan Buttons are a must.
The Sechuan Button is a must-try for an indescribable sensation you'll never forget.
In Sechuan province, the mid-west and the interior, where the weather is hot and humid, they like hot, spicy food," says Brian.
Telling the crowd they weren't allowed to leave until trying his next creation, Mazard dissected a Sechuan Button, a flower of African and Chinese origins that looks like a zinnia with its petals removed.
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