Second Earl Grey

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Noun1.Second Earl Grey - Englishman who as Prime Minister implemented social reforms including the abolition of slavery throughout the British Empire (1764-1845)
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Then fast forward a few thousand years when housing had improved quite a lot and another Howick resident was to leave his own particular footprint in history -the second Earl Grey who, as Prime Minister, saw through the Great Reform Bill of 1832.
The elegant and ever popular Earl Grey Tea House - so named since Howick was the home of the second Earl Grey for whom the tea was specially blended - offers light lunches and afternoon teas.
IN the 1830s, the British Prime Minister - the second Earl Grey - was reportedly given a gift of exquisite tea.
One story says that it was the second Earl Grey who obtained the recipe for the tea in China in 1830.
Sir Brooke was also on friendly terms with several English politicians and statesmen including Charles James Fox, the third Duke of Portland, the second Earl of Liverpool, the first Earl of Harrowby, the second Earl Grey, Sir John Sinclair, his son Sir George Sinclair, and Sig Francis Burdett.
The 250th anniversary of Charles Grey's birth - March 13, as if you didn't know - was chosen as the best time to reveal plans for Tea & Cake Planet, A Weekend Adventure in Brewing and Baking, which was inspired by the second Earl Grey's namesake tea.

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