Second distance

(Art) that part of a picture between the foreground and the background; - called also middle ground, or middle distance.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He talked of foregrounds, distances, and second distances -- side-screens and perspectives -- lights and shades; and Catherine was so hopeful a scholar that when they gained the top of Beechen Cliff, she voluntarily rejected the whole city of Bath as unworthy to make part of a landscape.
Pro Class driver Ryo Yamada-a constant podium finisher-took second in the division, split second distance from Stefan Ramirez.
Pro Class driver Ryo Yamada--a constant podium finisher--took second in the division, split second distance from Stefan Ramirez.
Figure 5 shows the results of the second distance measurement (at 12.76m) and calculation results.
The performance of the RANSAC filtering for the second distance is similar to the first distance.
By the same arrangement, the second distance [d'.sub.2](n) is calculated as
The method to compute the first and second distances is used both in training and in identification.
In February, 2004, the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management (DISAM) inaugurated its second distance learning course, the on-line version of the two-day International Programs Security Requirements Course (IPSR).
A second distance learning program, "Staff Supervision for Corrections Professionals," will be conducted in September.