Secondary circuit

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(Elec.) a circuit or coil in which a current is produced by the induction of a current in a neighboring circuit or coil called the primary circuit or coil.

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where [U.sub.C.relay] is the permissible voltage between the ground point of the CT terminal box and the ground point of the relay protection panel, V; [I.sub.relay] is the current of the setting of the threshold of the current relay (start-up of current protectors) at short-circuit on the busbars, A; [Z.sub.L] is the resistance of the phase conductor of the secondary circuit CT cable, [OMEGA]; [Z.sub.relay] is the relay coil resistance at industrial frequency, [OMEGA].
The pressure of primary circuit of HTR-PM is lower than the secondary circuit, so once a break occurs, water and water vapour in the secondary circuit would rapidly flow into the primary circuit and wash out radioactivity deposited on the steam generator and primary circuit.
The primary circuit is a system that converts energy and supplies the secondary circuit. For an individual house, this constitutes a furnace using certain fuel, the energy of which is transferred to the secondary circuit directly or through a heat exchanger.
Water for cooling of compressed air and compressors is used in secondary circuit which is closed.
Instead, it is maintained between the two resonators: The oscillating field generated by the primary circuit excites the secondary circuit resonance, extracting energy from the primary circuit and transferring it to the load.
Caption: Figure 4: Equivalent model of the secondary circuit.
All existing sites and even future sites for Teleperformance must have a Globe circuit as its primary or secondary circuit in order to provide the service that clients expect.
Connecting capacitors to the internal ground are suitable means in a secondary circuit. Linear chokes may also be suitable, though these have only a limited frequency range.
[ClickPress, Wed Jan 28 2015] Industrial transformer is a device that couples the electrical energy obtained from the primary circuit with the secondary circuit using the electromagnetic induction process.
They feature very low water content and comprise a series of corrugated, corrosion resistant stainless steel plates which are able to optimise the transfer of heat between the boiler's primary circuit and the domestic hot water feed, or secondary circuit.
We have been playing golf together for a long, long time and it's just great to play with him." Kapur, 31, also said that he enjoyed being paired with his young compatriot on the final day and is encouraged by his own form as he seeks to re-establish himself on the European Tour after a year on Europe's secondary circuit. "We don't get paired that often and it's nice to be playing together when you're at the business end of the leaderboard.
Owners are responsible for the upkeep of the secondary circuit - air ducts, valves, fans and controllers -- within their building.