motor cortex

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Noun1.motor cortex - the cortical area that influences motor movements
cortical area, cortical region - any of various regions of the cerebral cortex
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6: M1 - primary motor cortex, and M2 - secondary motor cortex. 7: S1Tr - trunk region of primary somatosensory cortex and S1DZ -dysgranular region of primary somatosensory cortex.
Lesions were restricted to the primary and secondary motor cortex areas (M1 and M2), although in some cases, the cingulate cortex, area 1, (Cg1) was slightly affected (Figure 3(b)).
The PFC is a part of the cerebral cortex, which refers to the full frontal cortex, with the exception of the primary motor cortex and secondary motor cortex. The PFC contains areas that differ in structure and function, and is mainly divided into the mPFC and orbitofrontal cortex.

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