a.1.Secret; secretive; faithful to a secret.
To be holden stable and secre.
- Chaucer.
n.1.A secret.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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* Molecular Characterization Of VEGF Secre on By MSCNTF Cells (NurOwn): Therapeutic Implications In ALS (May 9, 2019)
After the meeting, Russ King, Tyne and Wear Fire Brigades Union secre tary said: "I welcome the authority's direction, however, we have got to remind people that we are still see ing cuts and losses of 16 jobs." He pledged to work with the fire service to help lobby the government for extra cash and "push our hardest as a brigade to get that extra funding".
But Shadow Health Secre tary Jonathan Ashworth said: "We need bold action not another watered-down, lame duck strategy."
by AaAaAeAcAaAaAeA Times News Service International Civil Aviation Organisation Secre General Fang Liu visits the New Muscat Airport with Public Authority for Civil Aviation Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Nasser Al Azaabi.
68, and C The firs ed in 1 were secre The first song was recorded in 1968 when Cubans were forced to listen in secret on pirated vinyl.
A CONTROVERSIAL bid to extend the life of a landfill site near Mer seyside must wait a fur ther eight weeks before a decision from Secre tary of State Eric Pick les.
Kathy Jenkins, secre tary of the Kathy Jenkins, secre tary of the Scottish Hazards Cam paign, said: Scottish Hazards Cam paign, said: "Bhopal remains the worst industrial "Bhopal remains the worst industrial disaster of our time.
The Prime Minister di rected the Ministry of Finance and the Secre tary IT to arrange necessary funds for the pur pose since without quality certification the companies automatically stand disqualified in the bidding.
Gov ernment spokesperson Muhamed Hoxha stated that the Government is preparing the action plan on sooner EU integration while the Secre tariat for European Affairs does not reveal details.
Scottish Secre Danny Alexander, key Liberal Demo crat ally of Deput Prime Minister Nick Clegg and one of the architects of the coalition deal.
THE new gay sex scandal swirling around Ron Davies comes just days after his ex-wife apologised publicly to him about a series of lurid tabloid stories concerning the ex-Welsh Secre t ar y.