Secular equation

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(Astron.) the algebraic or numerical expression of the magnitude of the inequalities in a planet's motion that remain after the inequalities of a short period have been allowed for.

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Taking advantage of the fact that the spectrum of a symmetric Toeplitz matrix can be divided into odd and even parts the methods based on the secular equation were accelerated in (Voss, 1999).
Due to its special structure possessed by Toeplitz matrices we use the information we obtain from the appropriate matrix of a smaller size for calculating the value of the characteristic polynomial or the secular equation.
If we know the smallest pole then it would be no problem to find a rational model of our secular equation.
In Section 3 we present the new method which is based on new secular equation and its approximation.
We have presented new secular equation of RSPDT matrix [T.
I for one deeply committed to secularism sincerely wish that all political parties adhere to the principles of secularism enshrined in our redoubtable Constitution; hence deter further unequal secular equations of parties by minds that matter.