Secular music

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any music or songs not adapted to sacred uses.

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The 40-strong chamber choir was formed in 1982 and over the years has widened its repertoire to include both sacred and secular music of many styles.
Wahu and Size 8 have been friends since their time in secular music. The project has been ready for some time but they wanted to release it "at the right time".
Nevertheless, comments on secular music video happens within the first few months of a song's release, according to data from YouTube Rewind on the top 10 Kenyan music videos.
Kathryn is also heavily involved in volunteerism and charity work and is also one of the vocalists in a band she was part of forming, called AnSaka that does Christian and Secular Music.
No one will probably ever agree on which ones ought to be included in a Busnois canon, so they must of course be excluded from the present edition of his secular music.
Four bell ensembles, consisting of ringers ages 8 to adult, will perform a diverse selection of popular hymns and secular music.
Music and Patronage in the Court of Rene d'Anjou: Sacred and Secular Music in the Literary Program and Ceremonial
Titled Venezia nel Oriente e Cipro, the music event will be staged by the internationally acclaimed Greek ensemble of early music Ex Silentio, aspiring to take the public on a journey to La Serenissima, with sounds of secular music from Renaissance Venice, including works by Willaert, Lasso and Strozzi.
"In 1966 the cathedral welcomed black, jazz musician Duke Ellington to perform his first concert of secular music in a sacred setting.
According to Papa Shee, who is back in Ghana after10 years of being abroad, his faith in God has been questioned by those he tries to convert all because they think he will also return to secular music just like Ofori Ansah did.
Midlands ABC broadcast 'secular music in a sacred settings' as part of their Easter programming, under the title Celebration.
This is when a new group of choir singers was formed -- the ones who still represent the Russian sacred and secular music worldwide today.