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However, eight of these eleven unrecorded works are included as entries in the EASMES database (Early American Secular Music and Its European Sources, 1589-1839: An Index), available as an online resource at the www.
I'm a Christian and I sing secular music but there are quite a few refreshing, positive lyrics," he says.
Art music, popular, and secular music, although granted their own chapters, are not part of the book's core, which discusses religious oral traditions.
I was doing secular music, but wanted to be a gospel artist.
Durham University Chamber Choir will present a concert of sacred and secular music in Bede Chapel, in The College of St Hild and St Bede, in Durham City, on Friday, May 4.
Along the way, religious and secular music are discussed, as well as nineteenth century popular and concert music; country, folk, jazz, Latin music, and rock and roll; and musical theater, film music, and American opera.
Four choral ensembles plan an evening of sacred and secular music for the holidays.
It's got a catchy title, Virginia Tradition: Black Secular Music NonBlues.
A mix of sacred and secular music will be performed by Collegium Regale, the Choral Scholars of King's College, Cambridge, at Rugby Theatre on Tuesday, March 30.
Several authors focus on problems of generic distinction: Bent on over-restrictive definitions of the motet, Mabbett on function as a criterion for distinguishing types of secular music, and Butterfield on the need for less rigid approaches in establishing categories of secular monophony.
On Saturday evening, music group Cantorelli gave an excellent concert of religious and secular music for eight unaccompanied voices at St Mary's Church.