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 (sĭ-dăn′, sə-däN′)
A town of northeast France on the Meuse River near the Belgian border. It was the site of the decisive defeat and surrender of Napoleon III (September 2, 1870) in the Franco-Prussian War.


1. A closed automobile having two or four doors and a front and rear seat.
2. A portable enclosed chair for one person, having poles in the front and rear and carried by two other people. Also called sedan chair.

[Origin unknown.]


1. (Automotive Engineering) US and Canadian and NZ a closed two-door or four-door car with four to six seats. Also called (in Britain and certain other countries): saloon
2. (Automotive Engineering) short for sedan chair
[C17: of uncertain origin; compare Latin sēdēs seat]


(French sədɑ̃; English sɪˈdæn)
(Placename) a town in NE France, on the River Meuse: passed to France in 1642; a Protestant stronghold (16th–17th centuries); scene of a French defeat (1870) during the Franco-Prussian War and of a battle (1940) in World War II, which began the German invasion of France. Pop: 19 219 (2008)



1. an enclosed automobile body having two or four doors and seating four or more persons.
[1625–35; of obscure orig.]


(sɪˈdæn, -ˈdɑ̃)

a city in NE France, on the Meuse River: defeat and capture of Napoleon III 1870. 25,430.
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Noun1.sedan - a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doorssedan - a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors
brougham - a sedan that has no roof over the driver's seat
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
2.sedan - a closed litter for one passengersedan - a closed litter for one passenger  
jampan - a kind of sedan chair used in India
litter - conveyance consisting of a chair or bed carried on two poles by bearers
lokuî fólksbifreiî
sedans, limuzīns
binek otomobilsalonsedan araba
ô tô conô tô con mui kín hai hoặc bốn cửa


[sɪˈdæn] N
1. (also sedan chair) → silla f de manos
2. (US) (Aut) → sedán m


[sɪˈdæn] n (US) (= car) → berline fsedan chair nchaise f à porteurs


(also sedan chair)Sänfte f
(US Aut) → Limousine f


[sɪˈdæn] n (Am) (Aut) → berlina


(siˈdӕn) noun
(American) a covered car for four or more people.


سِيَّارَةٌ صَالُون sedan sedan Limousine αυτοκίνητο σεντάν, σαλούν coche turismo, salón, sedán henkilöauto, salonkivaunu berline limuzina bar, berlina セダン 승용차 sedan salong, sedan limuzyna, salon bar, berlina, carro sedã бар, седан salong, sedan รถเก๋งที่มีสองหรือสี่ประตู, รถยนต์ขนาดใหญ่ salon, sedan araba ô tô con, ô tô con mui kín hai hoặc bốn cửa 会客室, 轿车
References in classic literature ?
Whenever I had a mind to see the town, it was always in my travelling-closet; which Glumdalclitch held in her lap in a kind of open sedan, after the fashion of the country, borne by four men, and attended by two others in the queen's livery.
He was at Sedan, very much annoyed at a court intrigue in which Anne of Austria seemed inclined to desert his cause.
Colbert was commanded to set out for Sedan, with positive orders to carry the letter to Mazarin, and bring it back to Letellier.
Four of these native pirates will carry you to the top in a sedan chair, if you wish it, but suppose they were to slip and let you fall,-- is it likely that you would ever stop rolling?
A hint of the truth broke on him after Sedan, when he saw the dyed moustaches of Napoleon going grey; another when he entered Paris, and saw the smashed windows of the Tuileries.
His eyes still linger on the tassel blue, And still the red sedan of rank appeals, But his shrunk belly scarce the girdle feels As, bowed, he crawls the Prince's Gateway through.
There was once in the Rue des Tournelles a house known by all the sedan chairmen and footmen of Paris, and yet, nevertheless, this house was neither that of a great lord nor of a rich man.
The Prime Minister's lady had just squeezed herself into her sedan, and her daughter, the charming Ida, had put on her calash and clogs; when the English party came out, the boy yawning drearily, the Major taking great pains in keeping the shawl over Mrs.
BAIC A115 sedan, which ensures an efficient performance with its 1.
The 2018 Arteon sedan features a widened radiator grille between a pair of enlarged L-shaped daylight headlamps, which look similar to those of Renault Samsung's SM6.
Auto Business News-July 19, 2017--Volkswagen adds two new all-electric sedans to ID range