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n. pl. se·di·lia (-dĭl′yə, -dĭl′ē-ə)
One of a set of seats provided in a church for the use of the presiding clergy, usually three in number and located on the liturgical south side of the chancel, often in a niche built into the wall.

[Latin sedīle, seat, from sedēre, to sit; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


- A seat by the altar for a member of the church clergy.
See also related terms for seats.

Sedila, Sedile

 a series of seats in a church, usually three in number, frequently set into the wall and surmounted by decorative arches, 1793.
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Zone A covers Bandar Perani, Felda Bukit Aping (Timur, Barat), Gembut Cina, PPRT Kampung Sayang, Pekan Tanjung Sedili, Kampung Tuan Seh and Taman Tuan Seh.
Col tempo, morto mio padre, divennero i sedili delle comari del vicinato.
Si pongono tre sedili. Roberto siede, e fa sedere i due suddetti; poi Marinella.
Johor Petroleum Development corporation Bhd (JPDC) CEO Mohd Yazid Ja afar said the pipeline would be between Sg Sedili, Mersing, and Pengerang.
According to reports, the survivors along with the others were travelling from Tanjung Sedili, the south-east tip of Malaysian coast and didn't wear life saving jackets.
The boat sank roughly three hours into its journey from Tanjung Sedili on the state's east coast to Indonesia's Batam island with its passengers hoping to return for Eid al-Fitr, the most important Muslim holiday, Amran said.
Brody, who will star alongside former Formula One driver Mika Salo from Finland, will be in Johor until Tuesday to film the finale of the television series, Shell Helix Driven to Extremes, set in the Ulu Sedili jungle trail.
sedili Hall 1961 1 Genus Trachysalambria Burkenroad, 1934 T.
Ogni piccolo particolare era una deduzione, gli strumenti di bordo come i tappetini e la moquette, tranciata di netto all'altezza della quarta fila di sedili. Che ne sanno gli oggetti delle trame e delle azioni?
A Jakun sub-group, the Orang Kanaq of the Sedili valley in southern Johor, is the subject of one of the most detailed of the Science University of Malaysia's Provisional Research Reports series, namely Omar bin Abdul's The Orang Kanaq of Southeastern Johor:
Three major corporations have located projects within a very small area at Kuala Sedili, in the state of Johore.
Puah said the Lok Heng Dam near Kota Tinggi was among the affected and was found to have suffered a major decline while the Sungai Sedili Kecil, a source of raw water supply for the plant, was already drying up over the past two weeks.