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A member of one of the construction battalions in the US Navy that builds naval aviation bases and shore facilities.

[Alteration of cee bee, pronunciation of the initial letters of construction battalion.]


(Military) a member of the US Navy's Construction Battalions established to build airstrips
[C20: from pronunciation of CB, for Construction Battalion]



a member of the U.S. Navy construction battalions charged with building airfields, landing facilities, etc., in combat areas.
[1942, Amer.; sp. form of the letters CB, for Construction Battalion]
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He is a graduate of Auburn High School and served as a Seebee in the US Navy.
Seebee is a very smart filly but Cecil's SAMBAC (3.
Seebee Combat Warfare and Fleet Marine Force Qualified
We will be close to the Seebees (NMCB-18) and it will afford us an opportunity to work, and train with them.