Seed bag

(Artesian well) a packing to prevent percolation of water down the bore hole. It consists of a bag encircling the tubing and filled with flax seed, which swells when wet and fills the space between the tubing and the sides of the hole.

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The seed bag should not carry any foreign matter apart from the seed itself.
Rawalpindi -- Under special directives of Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister, Punjab agriculture department is going to provide subsidy of millions of rupees on approved varieties of cotton seed bag under the banner of Khadim-e-Punjab Kissan Package.
Subsidy worth Rs 700 is given on every recommended seed bag.
The problem I have with preinoculated seeds is you never know how long the seed bag has been in storage and under what conditions it has been stored.
Water above the packing is pumped out and a ram is placed in the well: "The ram is allowed to fall, striking the seed bag first, thus preventing the water from escaping upward on account of the great pressure of the ram and causing the water, under the heavy pressure applied to it, to be forced out through the openings in the well-tubing and thus opening the crevices in the well.
Multiplying this by the total number of maternal parents of the seeds in the seed bag of Cycle i, which is the number of selected plants in Cycle i - 1, we obtain the probability of Case 1a,
Any seed bag without tags as issued by the FSC and RD will be considered sub-standard seed of poor quality.
Seed bag tags will better depict refuge size requirements.
One thousand is being given on the occasion of purchase of Canola seed bag while the remaining Rs 4000 would be given at the time of cutting of the crop.
Print ads, for example, featured a Genuity SmartStax RIB Complete seed bag with the headline: "For refuge made easy, pull here.
He said that farmers would find a voucher in seed bag of Canola and send number after scratching the voucher, through SMS at 8070 along with ID card number.