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1. A bed of soil cultivated for planting seeds.
2. An area or source of growth or gradual manifestation: a seedbed of revolution.


1. (Botany) a plot of land in which seeds or seedlings are grown before being transplanted
2. the place where something develops: the seedbed of discontent.



1. a plot of ground prepared for seeds or seedlings.
2. a place of development; source.
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Noun1.seedbed - a bed where seedlings are grown before transplantingseedbed - a bed where seedlings are grown before transplanting
bed - a plot of ground in which plants are growing; "the gardener planted a bed of roses"
مَشْتَل للبُذور


[ˈsiːdbed] Nsemillero m


[ˈsiːdˌbɛd] nsemenzaio


(siːd) noun
1. the (part of) the fruit of a tree, plant etc from which a new plant may be grown. sunflower seeds; grass seed.
2. the beginning from which anything grows. There was already a seed of doubt in her mind.
3. (in a sporting competition etc) a seeded player.
1. (of a plant) to produce seed. A plant seeds after it has flowered.
2. in golf, tennis etc, to arrange (good players) in a competition so that they do not compete against each other till the later rounds.
ˈseeded adjective
having been seeded. a seeded player.
ˈseedling (-liŋ) noun
a young plant just grown from a seed. Don't walk on the lettuce seedlings!
ˈseedy adjective
1. shabby. a rather seedy hotel.
2. ill or unhealthy. He's feeling a bit seedy.
ˈseediness noun
ˈseedbed noun
ground prepared for growing seeds.
go to seed
1. (of a person) to become careless about one's clothes and appearance. Don't let yourself go to seed when you reach middle age!
2. (of a place) to become rather shabby and uncared for. This part of town has gone to seed recently.
3. (also run to seed) (of a plant) to produce seeds after flowering.
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Dim and wonderful is the vision I have conjured up in my mind of life spreading slowly from this little seed bed of the solar system throughout the inanimate vastness of sidereal space.
In the driest season, it resisted the hot winds; this, he explained, was the result of his knowing how to prepare his seed bed and when to plant --moisture could be retained if the soil was handled scientifically.
In the little paths among the seed beds she stood holding a paper bag in her hand.
Plant | hardy vegetable seeds in your outdoor seed bed or under cover in colder areas.
Stewart Williamson, by email CAROL: Sow from March, either in a corner of the veg garden you use as a seed bed or in pots or trays of good compost.
To prepare a seed bed, soil needs breaking down to a fine tilth and the surface levelled with a rake to a fine, crumbly texture.
To prepare a seed bed, the soil needs to be broken down to a fine tilth and the surface levelled off with a rake - it should end up like a fine, crumbly texture.
3], liquid or dry) at depths independent of the shank depth, capturing the soil with adjustable, floating closing blades to create a berm with optimum clod size for final seed bed preparation with a patented, non-plugging chain reel soil conditioner.
Apply lime if the soil is acid and prepare the seed bed in spring, raking in a general-purpose fertiliser two to three weeks before sowing.
Simply buy several packets of your favourite seed, mix them together, scatter all over the seed bed and gently rake them in.
Prepare the seed bed using a garden fork to dig the soil, breaking up any large clods and picking out weeds, stones and other debris until you have a fine tilth.