Seed down

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(Bot.) the soft hairs on certain seeds, as cotton seed.

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The machinery that ensures uninterrupted pinpoint accuracy for placing corn seeds in the ground relies on a dry lubricant such as talc or graphite to ensure smooth travel of the seed down a delivery chute.
Encourage the kids to play elsewhere if they are wearing out the front lawn, and get some grass seed down if you need to freshen it up.
No one was asked or consulted, and putting grass seed down means any restoration will have this to deal with.
I haven't sown this plant in years but it never fails to seed down and wait its turn to play its part in the electric mixture of annuals and perennials.
Broadcast Spreader: Used to disperse seed across your plot, a broadcast spreader is basically a hopper that gravity feeds seed down to a spinning wheel.
Ive been working hard on the garden, putting grass seed down and trying to make it nice.