Seed drill

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Development and performance evaluation of zero till fertilizer cum seed drill.
Sowing, assembly, and disassembling of seed drill should be easy and quick without injuring the farmer.
They said initially the sets - each comprising rotavator, disc harrow, seed drill and chisel plough - had to be provided to farmers on subsidy.
The organization has transferred these technologies to the farmers which include zero tillage drill, wheat straw chopper, rice thresher, seed processor, groundnut digger / thresher, canola thresher, fertilizer band placement wheat drill, seed drill and other machines like solar energy system to dry fruit and vegetables, wheat and rice sowing machine, olive oil extraction machine and many other farm machinery.
Under the programme home made set of agriculture machines and implements like Disc Harrow, Rotavator, Seed Drill, Chisel Plough, Sugarcane Ridger will be provided to farmers on 50 percent subsidy for one set of implements to a farmer.
To me, the person who is willing to restore a [pounds sterling]30 ($45) seed drill made by a long-forgotten company is just as crucial to the preservation of our heritage as the person willing to shell out [pounds sterling]35,000 ($53,000) at auction for a rare vintage tractor.
T seems an unlikely subject for a rock opera - the work of a 17th century pioneer who invented the seed drill.
Buying a seed drill with neighboring farms sharing a delivery van to a nearby city or even running a farm together need not be classified or operated as a cooperative in order to provide fair and mutual benefit to those involved.
This year's haul included paint cans, propane tanks, a computer monitor, three lawn mowers, and an old seed drill.
Four tenders for the supply of different machinery & equipment including (a) a boom for insecticides spraying, (b) a rectangular balor (a straw press), (c) a vacuum seed drill & (d) an electric generator.
Sowing methods (flat and bed) were assigned to main-plot while seeding techniques (dry seed drill, dry seed broadcast, soaked seed drill, soaked seed broadcast and conventional transplanting technique) were maintained in sub-plots.
Make a seed drill with a narrow trowel and sow as evenly as you can in the bottom of the drill.