Seed gall

(Zool.) any gall which resembles a seed, formed on the leaves of various plants, usually by some species of Phylloxera.

See also: Seed

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wheat has been sold to Brazil since 2000, thanks to the presence of a seed gall nematode in the USDA Nematode Collection.
wheat imports in fear of also importing wheat seed gall nematodes.
wheat imports for fear of introducing the seed gall nematode, Anguina tritici.
Other times, the ARS researcher may host a team from another country that needs to check out a test or technique, as an ARS zoologist did for a Brazilian team concerned about wheat seed gall nematode.
wheat in South America, banned its import in 2000 because of concerns about wheat seed gall nematode, FAS and APHIS turned to David Chitwood, zoologist and research leader with the ARS Nematology Laboratory at BARC.